Build Your Own

Get the bass you've always wanted.  Select your individual components for us to craft the perfect tailor-made instrument.


Hi there everyone, it's Tomm Stanley with a clarifying note about the Build You Own aspect of Stonefield's operation:

This area provides a unique opportunity for bassists to select from components that we have assembled and on our Waiting for Assembly racks.  In the links below you'll find body sets, through-body cores, bridges and tuning hardware with the associated cover plates and jack plates. The galleries that the links lead into give you the option to assemble a bass from the parts you see.

The tuning components and hardware simply offer you the choice of picking the colour you'd like but it gets a little more personal with the bridges, body sets and through-body cores. These three components are found in numbered sets that are on reserve for Build Your Own, so when you choose body set 22, you will get exactly the body set that your are looking at in the picture.

The body sets and through-body cores are glued up and still in their rough form.  Body sets will be will be shaped in the same manner as all Stonefield basses but if you have a preference for a certain fingerboard radius, or back-of-neck shape, we can accommodate that.  As with the body sets, when you select one of the numbered through-body cores, you get exactly the core and fingerboard that you are seeing in the image.  The same thing applies to the bridges; if you like the grain or figuring on bridge 18, you buy exactly what you are looking at when you select bridge 18.

As you select items they will appear in your shopping cart but the only one that will enter the cart with a price is the through-body cores; they are priced to reflect the deposit on a Build Your Own service.  Once you finalise your purchase we will be in touch with you via email to discuss the build.  Since there is variability on pricing due to the different woods and finishes available, if you want to discuss things a bit before committing to the purchase just email me at  I'm always happy to answer questions, explore possibilities or just chat about anything related to the electric bass.  Or archtop guitars ...

The general lead time you can expect for a Build Your Own is three months but I'll confirm an actual lead time when we're in contact.  If we're buried in work, it could be longer.  Due scheduling in the build, finish curing times and other things that go on around the shop, it's not likely to be less.  All instruments come with the remarkable Stonefield passive electronics circuit, a premium Stonefield Lite-Flight case and an extra set of Stonefield Brights strings.

One pretty cool thing to consider with Build Your Own is that while you have the freedom to specify exactly which bodies, fingerboards, etc go into your bass, this is not priced like a premium, custom shop or one-off build service.  A Build You Own from Stonefield will come to you at the same price as if we had that same instrument in our Off the Rack area.  The only real difference is that with Build Your own you have to wait for the instrument, with Off the Rack it'll be shipping to you in a few days.

So, to begin your journey in Build Your own just click on any one of the following links and let the fun begin.



Through Body Cores


Tuning Components and Hardware