C Series Basses

The Stonefield C Series of instruments originated in the requests of players asking us to create an instrument with all the playability and advantages of a Stonefield® but at an easier to access price point.  We’ve removed things that may be seen as luxury items while keeping the features that  most players have told us they consider to be the essential features of a Stonefield® bass:

  • Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System for an instrument with neutral balance that allows you to chose whatever brand of string you like, provides easy tuning and keeps your hands free to play, not support the instrument
  • Laminated through-body construction for a strong, lightweight instrument that holds its tuning in the most demanding performance environments
  • Innovative passive electronics so you can craft your sound in any genre
  • Stainless steel, brass and anodised aluminum hardware providing lifelong reliability and good looks for all metal components
  • Premium body sections, inclusive of beautiful topwood and high quality finishing so you can remain proud of your choice to play Stonefield®

As with our M Series, the C series offers players an exceptional bass that breaks down traditional barriers and incorporates elements from cello, violin, archtop guitar and other premium stringed instrument designs. We promise you that the decision to buy a C Series bass will be a choice that you'll always be glad you made.