F Series Basses

The F Series electric bass guitar has been created for musicians that like the many aspects of our basses but have struggled to reach the price point required for the hand-made M and C Series instruments. For these players, the F Series bass is a great choice of musical instrument.

These basses are designed for superb looks, neutral balance and high performance. They are made under our supervision by a manufacturing partner we've chosen in Chennai, India.  They use an alder body core, a maple or walnut top and a bolt-on, three-piece laminated maple neck with ebony fingerboard, all wrapped in a satin lacquer finish.

We’ve given them geared tuners on the headstock, industry standard twin-pickup passive electronics and a floating, thumbwheel-adjustable wooden bridge and nut system to
provide superior, battery-free tone for any style of music.

And for players that can foresee their own growth on the instrument, the F Series is designed to grow as you choose to grow:

  • The remarkable Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System tailpiece is an easy retrofit
  • A retrofit neck brings you the rest of the Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System
  • Weight can be reduced by ordering the same super-lightweight control knobs found on our M Series instruments
  • For the ultimate tone, our all-wood, three-piece floating bridge is a simple upgrade as well.

As with instruments in all of other Stonefield Series, the F Series can be ordered in a Slimline or a Classic configuration:

  • Slimline - approximately 16mm between strings at the bridge
  • Classic - approximately 19mm between strings at the bridge