G Series Basses

Price conscious musicians that are still interested in taking advantage of some of the key aspects that Stonefield® has become known for will be pleased to discover our G Series electric bass guitars.

The G Series instrument is designed for superb looks, neutral balance and high performance. Incorporating the remarkable Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System as a standard feature, industry standard twin-pickup passive electronics and a floating, thumbwheel-adjustable wooden bridge & nut system give you superior, battery-free tone for any style or genre of music that you play.

As with our premium M and C Series basses, the G series sports our light weight control knobs and stainless steel hardware throughout for corrosion-free good looks ... for the life of the instrument.

The G Series is built with an alder core and either a maple or walnut top and can also be ordered with custom burst finishes and your choice of red, blue or black tuning system hardware.