The Stinger

The Stinger is our funky wee mutant of an instrument.  It's not an electric bass guitar and it's not an electric guitar ... it's actually a bit of both. 

The Stinger sports a 20-inch scale length and uses a mix of bass and guitar strings (.085 to .013) that are tuned in the standard guitar register to normal guitar tuning.  Designed from a love of the chorded voice of an electric bass in the second octave, the Stinger has a depth and fullness that only can come from the larger strings found on a bass.

String spacing is in keeping with our Slimline option at approx. 16mm between strings at the bridge, making it perfect for both fingerstyle and pick playing.  The nut is 65mm wide and while it may at first seem to be a bit of a handful, most players settle into the neck in just a few minutes.

The Stinger is available in both the F Series configuration with headstock tuners and the G Series configuration, which incorporates the Tomm Stanley™ Tuning System, an electronics upgrade, stainless steel hardware and the lightweight control knobs we use on our M Series instruments.