Through-Body Cores

For the distinctive Stonefield appearance and sound we’ve gone for a through-body core of marine and aircraft grade laminates mated with solid timber bodies.

The neck construction inherits characteristics used in engineered structural lumber – it’s extremely strong, lightweight and very stable. This means greater instrument durability, tone and tuning stability; perfect if you’re a gigging musician.

We’ve set a slight backangle on the neck, providing greater playing comfort with less stress on the wrist of your fretting hand. This backangle raises the string height over the body. For the finger style players, this means a more comfortable and relaxed position for your plucking hand. If you prefer to slap, you’ll find more room to reach under the high strings, and if you play with a pick you’ll have more angles of attack and less chance of coming into contact with the body of the instrument. 

The headstock is also angled back to provide consistent string tension at the nut, ensuring better tuning stability and improved tonality.

At the other end of the instrument, our floating bridge gives a unique appearance and also improves the timbre of the instrument. Lightweight and adjustable, you’ll find it adds to the playing experience, makes it easy to customize your action and looks amazing.